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Inner Wellbeing is a personal development company that uses Asian yogic techniques and Western psychological principles to help clients reach their full potential. 


We offer personal development workshops, life coaching sessions, wellness consultations, yoga classes, mindfulness and meditation classes, and life skills workshops for teens and adults.


Our goal is to inspire individuals to discover their true selves. We believe that true well-being is only possible when we are linked to our inner-self. The idea that our connection with our selves is the most important aspect of our life is the main platform from where we work which contains universal principles that we teach. We focus on addressing our clients' psychological and spiritual issues and their effect on their health and wellness, a highly healing practice that promotes self-knowledge and self-understanding. 


IW's founder and director, Claudia Carballal, is a certified yoga teacher, prevention specialist, and graduate student of counseling and psychotherapy with a specialization in mindfulness-cognitive therapy and multicultural clients. Over the course of seven years, she has deepened her yoga and meditation practice exploring Hatha yoga under international yoga instructor Chidanandi Sheri Cherokee; Tibetan yoga and meditation with senior teacher Luis Vilela at Tashi Delek Yoga Center in Spain; Hatha yoga and meditation under Spiritual Master Dr. Acharya Shree Yogeesh founder of Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat; Vipassana meditation with Amber Bemak; and Buddhist meditation with resident teachers Gen Kelsang Menla and Gen-la Kelsang Jampa at Kadampa Meditation Center. 

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True well-being is only possible if we are linked to our inner-self.

Dr. David Frawley

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